Full Brand Management

We study your business and advise you on the proper steps in order to successfully excel in marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and your own brand online store.

With the help of advanced online research software we can find the best suited markets worldwide for your products, and focus your marketing efforts to those niches.

Designing and setting up an online store or eBay shop is not simple, but we have you covered.

We provide the graphic design, HTML coding, content managing, and everything needed to put your products where they should be, in the spotlights!

A custom designed eBay shop, an Amazon store, or your brand’s own online store, we do it all – from design to build and setup; until we are fully live!

Everybody knows that simply selling is never enough. Pre-sales and post-sales are mandatory so we cover that as well.
From customer service and support, to invoicing and shipping confirmations, we got you and the customers always connected.

Online brand promotion is not a quick refresh stop so we take care of the whole package, supporting your brand’s public relations on Facebook, Twitter, and the leading social networks.

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