Customer Relations

The most important factor in creating online sales is gaining the customer’s trust. The most important element in gaining the customer’s trust is great customer service.

The way we stand out from the crowd is our top rated customer service. We provide customer service for all the following platforms: eBay, Amazon, and e-Commerce store.

Customers inquiring about a product thru eBay or Amazon receive the fastest response from us in Veloce! Even on weekends our response time never exceeds 12 hours, from anywhere in the world. We also provide with a live phone support service, +972526867871, so customers can call us directly.

Every experienced seller knows the importance and high demand of online customer service. Top rated customer service can help you create sales, keep sales, and create a reservoir of valued returning customers. We can help you get there!

Stand out from the crowd and let us do what we do best to get you on top.

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